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A photographer specializing in black and white portraits, I explore queer identity and expression to create a space where individuals feel seen and celebrated without judgement. As a queer artist, I understand the importance of representation and visibility. Through queer identities, I explore the nuanced layers of intimacy, desire, and self-expression. I seek to capture the complexity and beauty of queer sexuality and experiences, from the euphoria of newfound love to the struggles of self-discovery. Through my work, I celebrate the diverse spectrum of human identity, and create images that empower others to embrace who they are.

Lex Mendes is a Dublin-based artist. Born and raised in Brazil, Lex holds a degree in journalism and photography, and his photographs have been featured in group exhibitions across Brazil. His work has been published in Folha de São Paulo, Vogue Brazil, Harper's Bazaar Brazil, FFW and more.

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